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Recently, SM Entertainment announced that popular boy group EXO will be making their first full-length Japanese album debut. The album is titled ‘Countdown’ and will release on January 24th, 2018. In total, there will be eleven versions of the album to choose from, one for each member (minus Lay), two separate group versions, and a special EXO-L version. Collectors, I mourn for your wallets this holiday season.

Teasers for each member can be found on the group’s official Japanese page for the album and were released leading up to the music video for ‘Electric Kiss’, which came out December 5th. The video kicks off with an 80’s hair metal band style logo, and leads right into the song which reminds me a bit of EXO’s previous single ‘Overdose’. As always, EXO members kill the dance moves and deliver vocals that will leave you shook. The song has a classic aggressive feeling that I have always enjoyed in previous EXO songs and I was not disappointed by what the group has delivered this time around.

Source: SMTOWN Youtube

My favorite thing about the video is the sci-fi vibe that carries throughout, especially the set of D.O and Xiumin’s parts of the video. The broken computers and scattered film reels paired with the jackets and masks that the background characters are wearing really caught my eye. Exo has a knack for dark, intense settings and concepts, and every time they do it, they do it well. Fans on social media have been mostly pleased with the video and concept so far, and eagerly await new information about the album.

EXO-L’s get ready for a busy winter with all that EXO is doing over the next two months! What did you think of the ‘Electric Kiss’ MV? Which teaser was your favorite? Leave a comment below!


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