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Once again, B.A.P delivers a powerful, anthem style song with their new single ‘Hands Up’ off of their latest album, ‘Ego’. When the teaser came out, fans (myself included) expected an aggressive, heavy song more like the group’s earlier singles ‘Warrior’ or ‘No Mercy’. What we got instead is a song that makes you want to rally with those around you for the same cause. The track has an underlying feeling of inspiration and motivation, with “Go, hands up” repeating almost like a mantra. There is also an official Japanese version, including a music video which is slightly different from the Korean version.

The song is consistent with the more mature, passionate style that B.A.P has been bringing to the table in their most recent singles, and while the sound is less aggressive than their earlier releases, the power behind B.A.P that has always existed is still very present. The video for ‘Hands Up’ shows off the group’s signature bad boy style and an urban backdrop that has become familiar to their fandom (know as BABY) through previous music video releases. Each member brings a dark and edgy visual vibe while displaying all of the vocal talents that B.A.P has always been known for. I was particularly surprised (my exact words were ‘punched in the face’) by Yongguk’s delivery during his part of the song. I went in expecting his signature hard-hitting style and instead, the rapper gave me a smooth, rich verse that left me speechless and in no small amount of internal pain.

Source: TS Entertainment Youtube

At the time of the video’s release, the hashtag #BAP_HANDSUP trended as high as number six worldwide on Twitter and number one in Korea, proving that Babyz came out in full strength for B.A.P. Support for the song and hopes for the group to win first place on music shows during promotions are high, and with the initial reaction to the release, I can’t help but think that maybe this time B.A.P will land themselves back at the top where they once were.

Babyz, what do you think of ‘Hands Up’ and ‘Ego’? Do you think B.A.P can make it to the number one spot this time? Keep showing your support for them and let’s cheer each other on in the comment section below!


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