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Tis’ the season for K-pop groups to bring us their holiday greetings! This year, girl group TWICE (JYP Entertainment) has released a winter repackage album titled ‘Merry & Happy’, featuring two new songs for the season! The new tracks on the album are ‘Merry & Happy’, and ‘Heart Shaker’. Along with the album, the group has also come out with a new music video for ‘Heart Shaker’.

The video is sweet, featuring the nine members dancing and singing in colorful hallways, a diner and even in a grocery store. Retro color schemes seem to be a big hit in K-pop this year, and the theme continues in the video for ‘Heart Shaker’. TWICE’s fandom, known as ONCE, are sure to enjoy the cute interaction between the members in the video. For those who enjoy covering K-pop dances, I think this one would be a lot of fun to learn and dance along with as well! ‘Heart Shaker’ has such a fun vibe and I can definitely see it being a really great song to play during a Christmas party with friends!

Source: JYP Officical

TWICE has brought a great start to K-pop holiday fun for fans all over the globe. As each new release of holiday songs and videos comes out over the season, I find myself getting more excited for Christmas to come. Here’s to another year of great songs with a winter theme!

ONCE, do you love the new music video? What do you think of the revival of retro colors in K-pop MVs lately? Do you prefer ‘Heart Shaker’ or ‘Merry & Bright’?” Leave a comment below!


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