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The K-pop fan community is suffering from a plague right now. Fandoms everywhere are wrought with fan wars sparked by the most minor things. The source of this illness is, ironically, loyalty. As Korean entertainment companies keep pumping out new artists and K-pop continues its plan for world domination, fandoms begin to feel an almost desperate need to keep their favorite groups on top. It’s true that in virtually every entertainment industry, stars rise and fall with the sun. Without fan support, the descent is as fast and fiery as a meteor barreling towards earth. So the obsessive desire of devout fans to support the artists they love is not unfounded. However, like with any obsession, too much of something can be bad for you. Fans are forgetting that not only is there enough K-pop to go around, there is enough fan love to go around too.

The people in this fandom are some of the best. Our hearts are so big that we can support the success of multiple fandoms at a time. It’s been proven already. So why the sudden detour to the “one fandom for life” mindset? More often than not, idols are very good friends and support one another’s success. It must make them uncomfortable to see the people that supposedly love them treat their friends and peers so badly. Also, considering that Korean culture encourages one to remain humble and respectful even in the midst of success means that many of these fan wars contradict those beliefs. Our idols can’t be happy to see these frivolous disagreements over who is the best when they all had to work so hard to stand on stage.

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It’s OK to be multi-fandom. It’s OK to be single fandom. It’s NOT OK to verbally attack fans that like more than one group. It’s NOT OK to make malicious comments about
anyone, much less idols or celebrities, and it is most certainly NOT OK to threaten the safety (whether in jest or seriousness) of any person, regardless of their stance. The K-pop fandom is better than this. This genre has literally connected the world. We cannot allow this bond to be broken by pettiness and childish attitudes. Fan wars are relatively new. That means that this isn’t something that has always been an issue in the K-pop fandom. Since it’s still new, we have a chance to band together to stop it from happening.


It’s easy to stop fan wars. The best defense is positivity. Don’t react to negativity with negativity. That only fuels the fire. Instead, drench it with positivity. Don’t participate in silly arguments about who is the most talented or the best looking or this or that. Idols have already proven their abilities by making it through the grueling trainee period. That’s their defense. Nothing more is needed. If someone says something mean or insensitive about a group or an artist that you like, ignore them. If it’s extreme, block them. You don’t have to respond to every comment or defend every stance about your idol. Everyone doesn’t have to support the same people. It’s ok if others dislike who you like. Focus on who you like, building them up without tearing others down. If we can all do that, then we can make the world of K-pop even better.

Will you take the pledge to be a better K-pop fan? What other ways do you think we, as a fandom, can prevent future fan wars? Let’s talk about it in the comments and build a better K-pop community together!


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