Source: TS Entertainment Twitter

Gearing up for a comeback that looks like it’s going to be dark and powerful, K-pop boy group B.A.P of TS Entertainment released a trailer for their new single, ‘Hands Up’ on December 11th. The trailer is reminiscent of their previous music video for the song ‘Badman’, with smoke clouding the scene and a group of people in a gritty, industrial looking environment raising their hands as the line “Go. Hands up.” repeats with the music.

It’s no secret that ever since their lawsuit with TS Entertainment, B.A.P has struggled a bit to regain their footing at the top of the K-pop mountain. While their fans, also called Babyz, stand with the group and give their undying support, B.A.P has had a bit less popularity with their recent releases than in years past. Their new album, ‘Ego’, which comes out on December 13th, could be another chance to shoot them back up to their previous stature.

Source: TS Entertainment Twitter

That’s not to say that they aren’t doing well. In April, the six-member group came to the U.S. for a tour aptly named ‘Party Baby’. With six stops across the states, those who attended gave testaments of B.A.P putting on a show that really does feel like one big party. The group is known for having a lot of powerful, hyped up tracks that make you want to get up and move. ‘Hands Up’ seems like it’s going to follow that pattern if this teaser is any indication of the overall feeling of the song. The familiar, powerful vibe of B.A.P seems to be on its way back to Babyz. Maybe this time around they will catch the attention of fans of other groups as well.

Babyz are you as excited as I am for this comeback? What do you think of the teaser video and images? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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