Don’t let the title of this article fool you. Wheesung and Hash Swan aren’t new artists at all. Their song, Aroma, came out a few months ago but I felt there wasn’t as much buzz about it as it should be. This song is definitely for the grown and sexy, after hours fans, and I am here for ALL. OF. IT.

Wheesung is an R&B singer that debuted back in 1999 with a now disbanded group A4. After leaving the group, Wheesung debuted again in 2002 as a solo artist with the album Like A Movie. He’s gone on to release 6 studio albums, 4 mini-albums and has performed in many music and variety shows. He is now promoting himself as Realslow, and has created his own company, Realslow Company.

Ambition Musik artist and Show Me The Money contestant Hash Swan, lends his unique voice to the track. As stated before, its definitely for the grown and sexy. The lyrics speak of “drinking in the scent of a woman” and how it smells like you’ve just… well you can use your imagination to figure out what the song is about.

Needless to say that Wheesung and Hash Swan have made a powerful song for those who need it. Definitely, check out the m/v and let us know what your favorite part is. Also, what is your favorite Wheesung song? Leave all thoughts and comments in the section below!

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