Once again, like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, KARD has surprised fans with a hidden release. The four-member co-ed group dropped a music video for the track ‘Trust Me’ with no premise. Though perhaps by now, fans have come to expect surprises from the quartet. KARD has gained a reputation for delivering secret versions of their tracks since before the group officially debuted, and that tactic has earned the fandom the name Hidden KARD.

Source: KARD_Official Twitter

The mini album ‘You & Me’ actually contains two versions of ‘Trust Me’, one being a percussion-heavy, rhythmic song featuring vocals and rap by Jiwoo and J. Seph. The second version is a more melodic, almost melancholy sounding tune with Somin and Big Matthew (B.M) taking the vocals. In the second version, B.M also delivers a rap in English which fans of the group particularly enjoyed since KARD is especially popular internationally.

The music video takes the backing track from the second version of the song and combines the vocals of all four members into something beautiful, and a little sad. Listening to the contrasts between the male member’s voices as they rap with each other is a nice change in the video because it is something out of the ordinary for KARD to do. The video also features stunning visuals and a rich color scheme that adds to the somber atmosphere of the song, bringing it all together and setting a calm, if slightly heavy, tone.  In essence, Hidden KARDs gain another bonus version of ‘Trust Me’ through the video, proving once again that KARD really does the most to surprise their supporters and keep them coming back for more.

Hidden KARDs, were you surprised by the new video or were you waiting for the Hidden aspect to come at any time? What sort of ‘hidden versions’ would you like to see from KARD in the future? Let’s talk about it in the comments!


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