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Since the release of BTS track ‘Mic Drop Remix’, fan reception of rapper Desiigner’s role on the track has varied from love to dislike. Many have embraced the addition of the Brooklyn-based artist with open arms, delivering praise for his contribution to the song and sharing in his hype and love for the track on social media. Meanwhile others, who perhaps aren’t quite as welcoming to Desiigner’s mumble rap style delivery, have chosen to embrace the version of the remix that doesn’t include Desiigner on the track. To those fans, I would like to make an argument about why they should reconsider supporting all versions of the song, and why Desiigner’s presence on ‘Mic Drop Remix’ is so important and welcomed.

For starters, Desiigner’s music, while maybe not the style that some fans of BTS enjoy, has proven itself to be popular. His track ‘Panda’ charted number one on the Billboard Hot 100 back in April, proving that his music is no joke. Desiigner has been open about his past struggles and his journey starting in a life where things were difficult and success was no guarantee in his life. He used music as his escape and always wanted to be an artist even as a kid. This background story sounds pretty similar to what ARMY have said about BTS time and time again. “Started from the bottom now we’re here” is a mantra to ARMY, and applies in Desiigner’s personal story as well. As fans of music, I think we should appreciate the common ground like this that makes the connection between BTS and Desiigner more meaningful and support the collaboration even more.

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Desiigner has also been steadfast in his support of the remix, blowing up his twitter with nothing but endless support and gratitude to BTS and ARMY alike even after the track landed at number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100. His excitement and support have no doubt lead fans of his previous work to check out the track as well. With Desiigner’s established fan base in the U.S., Mic Drop Remix is sure to make its way onto the playlists of fans of Desiigner who previously haven’t been exposed to BTS’s music. This will also give the song more plays on Spotify, iTunes, and other media outlets from those who might not otherwise have taken notice of the song. His lyrics support the theme of the track, nay saying haters and preaching that despite the people doubting him, he will continue to be successful and go his own way. If you are one of the fans who has been hesitant to embrace Desiigner’s role on the remix, please give it a second chance and support the work, enthusiasm, and message in the song. Everyone worked hard on the track and credit should be given where credit is due!

What do you think of Desiigner’s verse on ‘Mic Drop Remix’? Where do you stream the track the most? ARMY keep up the hard work streaming the song and video to keep it on the Billboard charts and congratulations to BTS, Desiigner and Steve Aoki for the track landing in the top 50 this week!


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