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Our friends over at MACG Productions has recently released a retrospective taking a look at Hallyu over the last five years called From Psy to Worldwide.’ The project starts with the release of ‘Gangnam Style’ and the impact that the song had on the advancement of the Hallyu Wave from that point in time on. Key moments and turning points in Hallyu are discussed by writers who experienced these events as they happened, revisiting the biggest moments in not only K-pop, but dramas and Korean culture as well. Various contributors from international K-pop publications lent their voices to the project, making it one of the largest fandom collaborations to date.

Source: YG Official Website

In 2012, YG Entertainment artist Psy released the song and video that is arguably the most famous K-pop song of all time, ‘Gangnam Style’. The song went viral across the globe as people everywhere were enthralled by the catchy chorus, creating parodies for just about anything you could think of and garnering millions of views for the entertaining music video at a rapid pace. Everyone, and I mean everyone, spent the entire summer prancing around singing and dancing to the catchy chorus. Even my (at the time) hardcore Goth roommate was in love with the song and bought a toothbrush with Psy on it that played the chorus when you pressed a button on the handle. This was an excellent starting point for the project.

The retrospective also includes a discussion about the rise of Hallyu across the globe and the accomplishments that our favorite groups have achieved in recent history. As a long time fan, revisiting these moments was very touching and reminded me of how far this phenomenon has come, and why I will never stop loving all things Hallyu. Whether you’ve been a K-pop fan for a day or a decade, be sure to check out the Projects page on the MACG Productions website to see the amazingly detailed and creative piece created for your enjoyment.

When did you first become interested in Hallyu? Do you remember the ‘Gangnam Style’ craze? Let us know what you think of the project in the comments below!


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