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Independent R&B crooner Kream is definitely not a newbie on the Korean music scene. Having debuted in 2014 with the underground hit Dalla, Kream has been working hard on his craft, releasing a self-produced EP, Talking To The Moon at the beginning of 2017.

Now Kream is back with two new songs, Love Song and Photograph. Both songs are ballads but have different vibes to them.

Love Song is actually the anti-love song. It’s about a person who never thought their mate was good enough. Now the mate hates all love songs and there is no love to them. Kream ends the song by asking the fallen autumn leaves to take his ex’s traces away. This has to be the nicest eff you break up song I’ve ever heard.

Photograph seems to be another song about a relationship gone bad. In this slightly faster, but still very mellow song, Kream talks about remembering the good times of the relationship while looking at the photos they’ve taken together.

While both songs are about the end of a relationship, Photograph definitely gives you the impression that a future love is possible while Love Song makes it clear that there will never be a future in love again.

Take a listen to both songs and let me know which one you prefer. Also, follow Kream on all his social media to stay up to date with his music.

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