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On December 1st, 2017’s MAMA awards in Hong Kong were held at the Asia World-Expo Arena. The highly anticipated ceremony and performances marked the final night of the three day, three city/country event. The arena was full of memorable moments and stages in classic MAMA style and did not leave viewers disappointed.

Congratulations to all of the winners are in order! Here is a list of the awards and their winners for the evening:

Best Hip-Hop and Urban Music: Heize ‘Don’t Know You’ (CJ E&M Entertainment)

Best Band Performance: Hyukoh ‘Tomboy’ (DRDRamc and HIGHGRND)

Best Music Video: BTS ‘Spring Day’ (Big Hit Entertainment)

Style in Music Award: Sunmi (JYP Entertainment)

Best Collaboration: Dynamic Duo (Ameoba Culture) and Chen of EXO (SM Entertainment‘Nosedive’

Best Vocal Performance Female Solo: Heize ‘You, Clouds, Rain’

Best Dance Performance Solo: Taemin ‘Move’ (SM Entertainment)

Best Vocal Performance Group Award: Bolbbalgan4 Tell Me You Love Me’ (Shofar Music)

New Asian Artist Award: NCT 127 (SM Entertainment)

Best Female Group: Red Velvet (SM Entertainment)

Best Female Artist: IU (LOEN Entertainment)

Best Asian Style in Hong Kong: BTS

Best Vocal Performance Male: Yoon Jong Shin (Mystic89 and CJ E&M Entertainment)

Best OST Award: Ailee I Will Go to You Like the First Snow’ (YMC Entertainment)

World Performer Award: GOT7 (JYP Entertainment)

Best Male Group: Wanna One (CJ E&M Entertainment)

Artist of the Year Award: BTS (Big Hit Entertainment)

Album of the Year Award: EXO ‘The War’ (SM Entertainment)

Watching the last night of MAMAs this year was exciting from start to finish. Every performance was on point and I am sure to have the sight of Taemin wrapped up in those white straps ingrained into my memory for many weeks to come. All of the artists nominated worked hard over the last year and deserve a lot of love and respect for all that they do!

Source: @MnetMAMA Official Twitter.

What was your favorite performance of the night? How did you enjoy the new, multi-day structure of the MAMA Awards? And most importantly, where can I get the jacket Kang Daniel from Wanna One wore during their acceptance speech because I NEED it! Let me know in the comments, Wannable!


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