For a little over a year now, K-pop boy group Pentagon (under Cube Entertainment) has been delivering bops on an impressive level. The ten-member group writes, produces, and designs choreography for a large portion of their content, demonstrating overflowing amounts of talent for a group not typical with groups new to the K-Music scene. Their debut single, Gorilla, dropped back in October 2016. If you haven’t taken a look at this group, do yourself a favor and check them out now. Or, maybe you’re already a Universe (the name of the group’s fandom) but missed the latest. We promise you won’t be let down.

Last week Pentagon dropped their fifth mini album, Demo_02 and along with it came two new music videos. The first video from the new comeback is for their title track, Runaway. The video follows in a similar style to their previous release, Like This, with common imagery throughout linking the videos together. Runaway has an almost gritty sounding chorus that makes the song feel mildly aggressive in all the right ways. The use of color in the video is appealing and dynamic, but leaves many Universe (including myself) wondering… what is going on with the shoes in that fish tank?

They take a completely different course with the second video from this mini album for the song Violet. The track is more of a sad love song and tells a different kind of story, focusing on a girl and her interaction with the members. The video also uses color in an interesting way, with a theme of purple running throughout, alluding to the name of the song.

Pentagon members Hui and E’Dawn are also in the group Triple H who made waves this summer with their hit 365 Fresh.

Readers, have you listened to Pentagon? What do you think about the range of styles they deliver in their music? If you’re excited to learn more about the group leave a comment down below and make sure to keep an eye out for what they do next!


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