5A LABEL, the home of Justin Park, recently released music from their youngest artist, DEMIE. DEMIE, better known by her stage name as YungDemi, is an up-and-
coming rapper and proud 626 Arcadia native who is eagerly preparing to
share her unique color as a promising artist and performer with the world.

She officially signed with 5A LABEL in 2014 and has been honing her craft ever since. For CHUNGDUM Models, DEMIE worked with Ace Hashimoto and Rekstizzy to deliver this club banger that would have no problem being aired on the radio stations.

In addition to being an up and coming rapper, DEMIE is also a classically trained ballerina. To further pursue her dream of combining her passions for both music and dance, she is now currently attending USC as a music industry major where she hopes to broaden her skill set as a musician. It will be interesting to see how she and 5A pair them.

The CHUNGDAM models video is a peek into her uniqueness. Although she doesn’t exhibit the “tough girl” image some female rappers do, she also can’t really be classified as a K-pop factory rapper. If nothing else, DEMIE’s style is distinctive. CHUNGDAM models’ catchy hook perfectly flaunts her charm. Of course, she is pretty and has a visual appeal, but more importantly, her voice is attractive. Adding Ace Hashimoto and Rekstizzy makes her stand out even more. The video takes some getting used to, but it doesn’t deflect from the song.

Listen to CHUNGDDAM models and tell us what you think in the comments. Can you hear the uniqueness of DEMIE’s style? Make sure to support her and other 5A Label artists in the future.

DEMIE @demiethedestroyer



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