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Since BTS performed at the AMAs, American fans have begun to question their whole existence. No doubt American artists are likely looking for the “next big thing” to do a collab with. Well, they really don’t have to look beyond their own backyard. Here are five Asian-American artists that can change the game in the U.S.


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#1. Jay Park

Jay has already made headlines by signing with rap legend Jay-Z’s label, Roc Nation. He is the first Asian-American to sign with them and for good reason. Jay Park is a Seattle native that ended up on the K-pop scene as a member of 2PM. After being unceremoniously dropped due to a major controversy, he rose from the ashes like the dragon he is. Not only did he form his own label, AOMG, but he has solidified his spot as one of the best Korean rappers out today.



#2. Dumbfoundead

If you have ever taken the time to explore Asian Hip Hop music in the States, there is no way you could miss Dumbfoundead. The Los Angeles native, who is signed to Transparent Agency, is one of the most recognizable rappers to rep for Koreatown, USA. Dumbfoundead is no stranger to collaborations either. He has churned out bop after bop with artists such as breakout star, Keith Ape, and R&B artist, G.Soul.


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#3. Junoflo

Junoflo recently signed with Feel GHood Music, a Korean music label headed by Korean rap and hip-hop pioneers, Tiger JK, Yoon MiRae and Bizzy. Junoflo also hails from Los Angeles. The 25-year old rapper is a beast. He is so lyrically proficient that he can’t be suppressed under one category. Junoflo can spit bars in both English and Korean and seamlessly combine them in a complex stream of rhapsody.

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#4. Alan Z

I cannot, with good conscience, make this list without mentioning an independent artist that absolutely deserves recognition. Not only does Alan Z deliver epic bars, but dude can sing the panties right off your woman. Alan began refining his rap skills in the land of trap, Atlanta, Georgia. His delivery is unrestricted. Since stepping into the game, Alan has made major moves like working with R&B singer Raphael Saddiq and collaborating with CHOPS to produce songs on his latest EP, First Time’s the Charm (Color Me Bad and All Of You). If you want to know Alan Z’s true talent, check out 7 Psycho Cypher where he absolutely murders various styles of rap.


Source: 5A LABEL

#5. Justin Park

Justin is a rookie compared to the rest. He has been developing his sound steadily over the years under the guidance of 5A LABEL. The R&B artist recently performed his newest single, Dates in LA, at KCON in his hometown of Los Angeles. Like many new artists, Justin started off making cover songs on YouTube. However, to stand out, he would always add his own flare to them. The personal approach was well received and grew his fan-base quickly. His sweet voice and shy smile make the girls weak, but don’t get it twisted. He isn’t just some pretty boy with nice cords. Justin is the full package. He is a singer, songwriter, and dancer. Justin has composed songs for Korean sensation B.A.P. as well as worked with Amber of f(x).

The artists above are just a few of my favorites. What Asian-American artists would you recommend other American artists to collaborate with? Look out for the next article featuring female artists. Tell us in the comments below.



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