A few days ago, co-ed K-Pop hit KARD won the Best New Artist award at the Asia Artist Awards. Hot on the tail of their victory, the group had their first official comeback, releasing a mini album called ‘You&Me’. Some fans were hesitant to see what the group was going to deliver this time around. While many have enjoyed their releases in the past, the anticipation was for a different sound from them. KARD did not fail their fans, the Hidden KARDs, with the new tracks.

Source: kard-official.com

The album opens with a much darker vibe with the track ‘Into You’. The song sets the tone for the rest of the album with a slow build that opens up to a synth-heavy conclusion. After that, we hear Jiwoo and J. Seph’s version of ‘Trust Me’. The album has two versions of this song with the second version belonging to Big Matthew and Somin. The two tracks sound very different from each other, displaying the vocal and rapping skills of the members in unique ways. ‘Push and Pull’ brings a bit of the familiar tropical vibe back to the mix, without sounding like previous popular tracks from the group. ‘지니까’ comes heavy with a hip-hop sound, displaying the rap skills of the male members while the female vocals lilt softly through the chorus, leaving an almost eerie sound in their wake.

‘You In Me’ is the title track from the album. Here we have the track that sounds the most like KARD of the past. The song carries familiar melody and synth that has been common in KARDs earlier singles without it feeling like a rinse and repeat of what they have released previously. There is a much darker tone to the song, and to the album overall that changes the vibe that KARD brings to the table while still maintaining the groups unique sound. If music videos with surprise plot twists are up your alley, check out the official video for the track which left fans everywhere speechless when the story takes a turn.

Response to the album has been mostly positive overall. Hidden KARDs continue to deliver compliments to the new songs, many of them praising the band for their departure from the tropical and upbeat summer vibe that they started out with. Somin’s vocals, while always impressive, feel more mature and powerful throughout the album, and J. Seph’s rapping does not fail to impress. Each member has seen a lot of improvement in their respective roles throughout this release and the group has shown that they are more than a one-trick pony.

What did you think of ‘You&Me’? Which track on the album is your favorite? Did you expect the plot twist in the MV? Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts on KARD’s first comeback!


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