BTS takes Twitter by storm once again. It seems that everywhere K-pop super group BTS goes, people are stricken first by their good looks. Any red carpet these men touch leaves a frenzy on social media with people repeating the simple question, “Who is he?”

Source: E Online

Last night at the American Music Awards was no exception for BTS.  From ‘The guy in the silver jacket’ to ‘The one with the red hair’, strangers to K-pop were eager to learn more, and thrilled to hand out compliments to the seven member group.

Women (and men) watching the AMAs were eager to learn more about the handsome members of BTS

Western audiences seem surprised to find these idols are good looking, but there is no doubting the overwhelming response to the visuals in BTS. Women everywhere are challenging the stereotype of the ideal male when they see the members of BTS and realize that there is more to being manly than sporting a beard. Seeing people admit to being drawn to a more polished and less aggressively masculine form of beauty is wonderful, and goes to show that even a western audience can find appeal in the visual aspect of K-pop. This type of trending on social media helps to propel BTS to new heights, opening a door for fans to teach new audiences about the members while they open the door to the world of K-pop.

From ‘Car door guy’ in 2015 at the Melon Music Awards to ‘Who is he?’ at the AMAs, BTS leaves a strong and well deserved visual impact from the moment their faces appear.

What was your favorite ‘Who is he’ tweet during the AMA red carpet? Did you respond to anyone that wanted to know about BTS members during the red carpet? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!



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