On Oct. 15, 2017, Seoulwave and Multifacetedacg Productions LLC (MACG Productions) finalized an agreement to continue Seoulwave’s activities as a rising source of K-pop news and interests for international fans under the management and leadership of MACG Productions. The uncommon blend of unique perspectives across varying multimedia options will be a source for established fans to receive unbiased K-pop information and entertainment.


Seoulwave owner and Chairman, Michael Smith-Grant, previously announced that the blog would cease all activities effective Oct. 1, 2017. After having gained a devoted audience with K-pop fans globally because of their authentic reporting practices, witty yet informative podcasts and unique artist interactions, the news hit fans like a storm. However, the discontinuity of services was only temporary while Smith-Grant and Seoulwave’s Chief Executive Officer and co-owner, Kayla Justiniano, begin expansion of their personal brands into avenues outside of K-pop. To allow the brand to continue to thrive, they have entrusted Seoulwave to the care of MACG Productions. While Seoulwave will be under the full direction of MACG Productions, Smith-Grant and Justiniano will remain full owners.

Regarding the decision to place the brand under new management, Smith-Grant and Justiniano stated, “As founders and owners of Seoulwave, we are essentially parents with Seoulwave being our child. As parents who have done all we can at this point … it’s time for our child to continue to grow and begin a new path. As parents we want what’s best for our children, and we feel the best course of action is to place Seoulwave in the supportive hands with our friends over at MACG Productions. While our active roles are taking a minor step back, we are confident in the new era Seoulwave will be ushering in. We trust in MACG Productions to continue our vision, which has always been to bridge the gap between fans and the music and culture that they love. With that said, we will continue our path together with MACG Productions, and we look forward to leading you into a brighter future.”

Seoulwave will continue to focus on K-pop and K-Hip Hop. In addition to artist interviews, event coverage and entertainment news, MACG Productions plans to introduce new content across various platforms. A soft launch under new management is planned for early November 2017. As the previous support team for the brand was also dissolved in October, recruitment efforts are currently underway to rebuild.


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