Every Summer, K-Pop fans in and around the New Jersey and Los Angeles areas look forward to debateably the most important get-together in the collective community. Full of old friends and new, and K-Pop acts from both rookie and veteran groups, KCON NY 2017 kicked off on June 22nd at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey and lasted until June 24th. As our team is currently primarily located in the New York area, we bring you a recap of the New Jersey area K-Con.

Fans began to line up for entrance into the concert venue at around 5pm, where security dilligently checked bags for everyone’s safety and scanned the golden tickets that led to the show. While everyone was being let in, the pre-show was starting.The security guards started to let everyone in starting with checking the bags and scanning the tickets. While everyone was getting in, the pre-show began.

Kevin Woo from Ukiss, the lovely host and MC for the event, introduced two cute mascots from the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The mascots, which were adorned in bear and tiger costumes, are named Bandabi and Soohorang. Right after the introduction, the lights of the venue went off signaling that it was time for the actual concert to begin which sent the crowd into a frenzy full of excited screams, cheers, chants, and lightstick waving.

KNK opened up the performing stage. KNK is a five- member group with Youjin, Seungjun, Inseong, Jihun and Heejun. They performed their latest title track, “Sun, Moon, Star“. They delivered a great performance accented with amazing vocal skills. After the song ended, they introduced themselves to the audience and exclaimed that they love New York. They then went on to perform Knock, which was claming vocally while intense choreographically all at the same time. The Knock performance began on the main stage but later on, they utilized the extended stage to get close to the audience. Lastly, they performed Day and Night from their first mini album, Awake. While they were performing this song, the members gave the audience what they came for – some true fan service. To top it all off, they came to the stage at the very front. These guys really know how to get a crowd riled up!

Courtesy of C&J Entertainment

After KNK’s stages, ShinB from Gfriend and Chani from SF9 introduced the special stage, which consisted of Yuju from Gfriend and Dongwoon from Highlight. Yuju and Dongwoon came up from the stage and performed the famous main track from the musical “Beauty and the Beast.”

SF9 followed up with their performance of their latest title track, “Easy Love“, after which they also introduced themselves. For those who don’t know, SF9 is a 9 member group consisting of members Youngbin, Inseong, Dawon, Jaeyoon, Rowoon, Zuho, Taeyang, Hwiyoung and Chani.

After their introduction, they played some rounds of wheel of fortune with the audience which included activities such as “Photo Time”, “Love Song”, “Face Time”, “Hug Me”, “Star Goods”, “Kiss Time”, “No Gains”, “Dance Time”, and “Propose”.  Right after they spun the wheel, one lucky fan got a chance to recieve proposals from the SF9 members, who were Chani, Rowon, and Dawoon. The three of them sang to the one lucky fan. Another lucky fan recieved a signed album and a rose from one of them. The fun didn’t stop there- they finished up their time on thr stage by singing “Roar” and “Fanfare“, which both showed their intense choreography skills.

Gfriend came up to the stage and performed their latest title track “Fingertip”. Right after, they introduced themselves and they went on to perform their other hits, “Navillera“, “Me Gusta Tu” and “Rough.” All these performances showed cutting edge performances and amazed every attendee at the concert! Although Yerin could not attend KCON NY due to schedule conflicts, these members did a phenomenal job to fill her spot.

Courtesy of C&J Entertainment

SF9’s Inseong and Rowoon brought Zion T up to the stage. He performed his latest title track “Complex” from his “00” album while also working the piano like a true master of his craft. After he performed that song, he came up to the main stage to perform “The Song“, “Eat” and one of his most acclaimed songs, “Yanghwa BRDG“. The crowd sang along and filled the venue with love for his music.

Courtesy of C&J Entertainment

It was time for special stage again and this time SF9 emerged to perform two very well known songs in the kpop industry, Call Me Baby by EXO and Boys In Luv by BTS. Yet again the crowd was full of excitement and sing-alongs.

Since it was almost time for end the show, Highlight was last to perform on the stage. Highlight is a five member group with Dongwoon, Kikwang, Doojoon, Yoseob and Junhyung. Their costunes resembled white lab coats or pajamas. They also performed their latest track “Please Don’t Be Sad” which put a smile on fans’ hearts. Then they went to perform a non-title track from their latest album, “Calling You”, which they comolemented with their amazing choreo. And of course, they wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to perform their old songs while they were still known as BEAST. They performed “Good luck”, “Beautiful Night” and “Yey”. These performances were a bit unexpected, so nostalgia filled the venue quickly.

Courtesy of C&J Entertainment

After all these five group performed on the stage, it was time to say goodbye to the first day of KCON. After seeing all these groups perform on stage, it’s safe to say that our personal favorite stages were probably those of Highlight and Zion T because they interacted with us the most on stage. Overall, despite the thought that Rookie groups wouldn’t manage to wow a crowd, we can say that the show was absolutely fantastic and these rookies sure do know what they’re doing.

Check out the photos below

All photos are courtesy by C&J Entertainment


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