Long day at work? A study-filled day at school? Or just a ‘meh’ day in general? Have no fear, K-Beauty is here! Taking care of our mental health is just as important as taking care of our physical health, so don’t let stress get the best of you. As K-Beauty lovers, how exactly should we wind down? Let this list be your guide!

Would it be a K-Beauty list without mentioning the amazing variety of face masks? Whether you’re just looking to lie down for twenty minutes with a soothing sheet mask, or getting your pores on point with a clay mask, any type of mask is great for making your skin and your soul feel re-energized and refreshed. They’re also DIY spa night must-haves, so run a bubble bath, turn on your favorite playlist, and chill-ax with a mask!

You could either dial up a bestie and have a get-together at a nail salon, or you could take it easy by painting your own nails with your own preferences at home. Personally, my favorite me-time is watching a K-Drama while painting my nails and decorating them with stickers and gems. It gives me the opportunity to check the health of my nails and also allows me the satisfaction of admiring my masterpiece when it’s done! Especially if I have to go to class or an office the next day, looking at fun and colorful nails definitely beat fluorescent lights and gray walls. So if you’re in desperate need of a peaceful pick me up, there’s no better cure than a manicure!

There’s nothing more relaxing than a nighttime cup of tea, but if that ain’t your style, shake it up with some yummy smoothies! You can find loads of healthy recipes online with a variety of fruits and veggies, and since they’re both delicious and nutritious, you won’t feel icky and bloated afterward. The right teas and smoothies are also amazing for your skin, so don’t just keep your skincare external. You’re one sip away from a healthy mind and body!

  • No Need For Rushes When Cleaning Your Brushes(Image Source

You and I both know we should always clean our makeup brushes, but the idea of it sounds daunting and exhausting as if it’s a chore. However, it’s all about perspective, right? Rather than approaching the task of cleaning your makeup supplies as draining, think of how clean your brushes will be and how flawless your makeup will appear the next time you use those supplies. To make the actual task more pleasant, put on your favorite music or talk to a close friend or family member. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a weight lifted off your shoulders, and the satisfaction of how clean your brushes are will be unbeatable! So take it easy, there’s no need for rushes when cleaning your brushes!

If you’re extremely tired, going to the gym may not sound thrilling – but how about doing a little yoga and meditating? Try different poses to stretch and relax your body, especially if you spent the day running in heels or lifting loads of paperwork. Your body will thank you for helping it untie all the little knots, and you’ll definitely feel refreshed afterward. Just be sure you’re not stretching too hard, or trying a pose that’s too advanced for you – safety first! Now don’t stress out, stretch out!

Not the longest list in the world, but hopefully these tips and reminders will help you when you’re feeling down or fatigued. Do you have any unwinding beauty tips you’d like to share? We’d love to hear!  And remember….

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Until next time, beauties, this is Huma signing off! ♥


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