We can go on for days about makeup and skincare products that can make us look good in real life, but what about online? Honestly, taking pictures can be cumbersome unless you’re photogenically blessed. How exactly do our favorite K-Pop idols do it all the time?

After a quick scroll through Instagram, these are some of the notes I took – think these tips and tricks are the secrets to the perfect pic? Open your camera app, let’s see if we’re ready to selfie like a superstar!

  1. Finger Hearts Are A Good Start

Thank you for everything 🇨🇦 Sweet dream ❤️

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Spread the love! Pretty much every K-Pop idol has a finger heart as a default pose, so who’s to say it’s not a selfie essential? It’s a tiny gesture with a huge impact. Let your followers know you care with just two fingers!

2. Don’t Doubt The Pout

혜림 언니 폰은 이상한 렌즈로 찍은거같당 눈 코가 왕~~~~👽

A post shared by 신혜정 (@dongdong810) on

Here’s a face that never gets old! Whether it’s a subtle lower lip sticking out, or a full-on kissy face, pout pics are an adorable addition to your selfie collection. So when in doubt, pout it out!

3. Winks Are Winners

핑슉탁~! #켄 #뵬뷫애기들 #빅스 #깐켄 #핑슉탁 #윙크 #도원경 #햄릿

A post shared by 이재환 (@keken_0406) on

Always a guaranteed heart-stealer, no need to think twice about a wink. It’s cute, flirty, and a fun way to show your playful side.  

4. A Perfect Piece Has A Peace Sign

Don’t know what to do with your free hand? Peace signs to the rescue! They’re super easy to do, and they showcase your cool and laidback persona.

5. Snag A Squad

#SIGNAL 1위 정말 정말 정말 감사합니다!!! #ONCE #TWICE #JYP피디님

A post shared by TWICE (@twicetagram) on

What’s better than an awesome single selfie? An awesome group selfie! Grab your besties and click away. Play with your poses, poke fun at each other, and have a good ‘ol time.

6. Do The Math – Work Your Angles

창섭이 냠냠

A post shared by 서은광 (@btob_silver_light) on

Selfie royalty knows their angles like the back of their hands. A picture shot from a higher angle gives the illusion of larger eyes and a slimmer face while a lower angle makes you look fuller. Pair your angling with your positioning, and you could make it look like you’re about to eat someone!

7. Filters Are Your Friends

[17’S] 캐럿송 시작~~~! (Feat.겸둥이,뿌야,워누) #세븐틴 #SEVENTEEN #캐럿송

A post shared by SEVENTEEN (@saythename_17) on

The bravest of us post with #nofilter. However, there’s no shame in bringing your selfie to the next level with fun filters! Many idols love to use the app Snow since it offers a wide range of animated filters than can work on more than two people. How silly can your selfies get?

8. Fashion Is An Instant Language

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The most shameful thing you could do to a cute outfit is not post an #OOTD on your social media. Share your killer fashion sense with the world by finding a nice mirror and snapping an outfit selfie!

9. #HashtagLikeAPro

Captions are almost as stressful as taking and choosing a selfie, but if you play your words and hashtags right, you’ll be sprinkled in likes and hearts. Besides, if there’s a specific theme to your picture, make it easier for fellow followers of that theme to appreciate your art!

10. Make It Pop With A Prop

Coffee cups, fancy lotion bottles, or a bag of chips – random objects are always a friendly picture buddy. Taking a picture with something is the fastest and easiest way to capture your day, and you could really get creative with what you can grab.

11. Capture Only The Best Moments – So Have Fun!

화창한 날씨 막내랑 지하철 타고 보드연습! #land yachtz

A post shared by 정채연 (@j_chaeyeoni) on

One of the main points of taking pictures is to capture precious memories, so lock up your best days with an image! Whether it be a day out with your gal pals, or a mind-blowing vacation to a beautiful location, record the way your looks/makeup/sense of style changes throughout time by saving your selfies! Besides, a genuine smile beats a fake one anyways, so always have the time of your life!

Got any more trends in idols’ posts that’ll up your selfie skills? Ride the wave and let your fellow Seoulsurfers know!

Until next time, beauties, this is Huma signing off! ♥


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