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Warm weather, no school, ice cream trucks around the block, and… your favorite K-Pop artist coming to your city?! Summertime really will make you faint, but not just because of the heat.

The summer months are the best time for concerts, festivals, and conventions to happen. In terms of our own K-pop community, there’s KCON, G-Dragon, Monsta X, and Seventeen to look forward to – and I’m just naming a few. As wonderful and exciting as these celeb visits are, a day out in the sun while waiting in line or hanging out with fellow fans can be miserable for our skin and bodies. However, you can save yourself from dryness drama or oily mayhem with these tips and products!  

  1. Swim In Sunscreen

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Never underestimate the need for sunscreen! Aside from a nasty burn, going out without sunscreen can worsen dark spots, cause skin peeling, or even lead the way to some scary diseases. Yikes, right? So spare a few minutes to slap on some sunscreen, you won’t regret it!  

2. Don’t Be Late To Hydrate

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With all the hustle and bustle of concerts and festivals, it’s quite easy for our busy bodies to dehydrate. Just because you don’t feel thirsty (which is unlikely with the wrath of the sun) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t constantly down water or other refreshing drinks. Of course, lack of liquids in the body can lead to skin dryness, lightheadedness, and all sorts of issues you don’t want on a fun day out – so don’t neglect your eight glasses, alrighty?

3. Set Your Glory With Powder/ Spray

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Our faces are already works of art that can only enhance themselves with the right set of makeup and skin care products. However, the worst thing that can happen to a freshly painted masterpiece is for it to melt off throughout the day. Avoid the drama by locking in your makeup with setting powder and/ or spray! Powders are especially helpful if you have oily skin, and using both can ensure the longevity of your cat-eye and contours. With a pat and a spray, you’re all ‘set’!

4. Pose Like A CF Model And Mist Your Face

Definitely a step you don’t want to ‘mist’! Spraying on a facial mist adds an extra layer of hydration to the skin, especially on sunny, moisture-zapping convention days. The best part is that you can apply mist under and over makeup, so it’s best to carry a portable facial mist for on-the-go skincare. Trust me, if you’re about to high five your bias or take a selfie with your favorite Youtuber, you certainly want to avoid looking like a flaky desert.

5. Keep That T-Zone On Top With Oil Control Paper

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Another evil of summertime skin: oiliness. Whether it’s a little slippery on the nose, or a full on grease-fest on your entire face, oily skin is not fun to babysit when you just want to have fun. However, control that hassle by carrying a portable pack of oil control paper! Not only is it super satisfying to see all that oil being absorbed off your skin, you’re left with a glowy, smooth surface that’s all beauty and no beast.  

6. Hair Care Always – Extra Ponytails, Bobby Pins, Compact Brush And Mirror

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Keep your locks under lock by carrying an ‘emergency hair kit’ whenever you leave the house. Frizzy, tangled, and icky hair is the furthest away from a cute ‘do, so have extra ponytail hairties, bobby pins, and a small brush and mirror at hand to keep your hair flips slay-ready. Even if you think your hair’s got it, a sudden wind or heat wave will have you scrambling to tie your hair up.  

7. Perfect Palms Always Need Hand Sanitizer And Lotion

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When you’re having the time of your life, the last thing you want to think about is the number of gross germs you’re coming in contact with. Our hands touch everything, and whether we like it or not, half the stuff we touch are not as clean as we’d like them to be. Especially if you need to use public restrooms or eat finger food, carry a pocket-sized hand sanitizer to ensure the cleanliness and protection of your body (think you don’t touch your face with your unclean hands? Try counting how many times you touch your face within an hour!) In addition, a pocket-size hand lotion is a good companion to hand sanitizer, because who wants dry hands? Certainly not faves you’re about to high five.

8. (If You Need) Extra Contact Lenses

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If you’re someone who usually amps up your style with contact lenses, make sure you have what you need to keep your eyes clean and under control. Never neglect to properly clean your lenses before and after you put them on, and carry sunglasses so you won’t irritate your eyes. If you’re like me and wear One-A-Day lenses, carry an extra pair just in case you need to switch out. (Quick story time: I had a speck of dust in one of my lenses during a concert, and I couldn’t see anything for a solid 10 minutes. I had to take a time out from the pit to take out the lens, blow off that speck, then pop the sucker back in. Not fun! Don’t be like me!)  

9. Band-Aids, You Know You’ll Need A Few

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Ever carry something all the time, and the one time you need it, you don’t have it? That’s the story of my life with band aids. From the smallest scratch to a (goodness forbid) larger injury, some form of a first aid kit is handy and pretty much necessary when going out. Even if you’re not clumsy, you can help someone else out in case they need a quick patch-up. Band-aids are also great for a new pair of flats you thought were a good idea to wear until you’re one hour into the day. If the back of your foot starts to scrape, use a band aid as a nice cushion to ensure your comfort.

10. Emergency Phone Charger – So You Can Take Selfies All Day!

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Basically, if you didn’t Snapchat, it didn’t happen. Low batteries are a major mood killer, so solve the issue before it begins by bringing your own portable charger (make sure it’s fully charged before you leave the house!) Of course, aside from continuously taking pics and texting your besties, you want to make sure you have enough battery in case of an (goodness forbid – again) emergency. Whether it be a last-minute cab ride home or a quick family member dial, make sure you have enough battery life to save you from a huge ‘uh-oh’ moment.

Think this list is the ultimate guide to surviving summer festivities? Or maybe a few more items wouldn’t hurt? Let us know what you think as well as what K-Pop events you’re looking forward to in the summer! Who knows, you might see a fellow Seoulsurfer there.

Until next time, beauties, this is Huma signing off! ♥


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