Woolim Entertainment’s girl group, LOVELYZ, has released footage of their live concert version of ‘1cm’

They held their first ever concert, ‘Lovelyz In The Winter Land’ during January where they performed their hit songs and as well as other bops from their mini album including ‘1cm’.

The live version video shows the exciting in the air with fans cheering and chanting. Lovelyz’ members were having tons of fun with their camera recorders by posing cutely and being silly. They entered the stage by saying ‘this is our last concert out of the three days’.

They debuted with ‘Candy Jelly Love’ in 2014, and released ‘Hi’, ‘Ah-Choo’,‘Destiny’, ‘Wow’ and ‘Now, We’.

Recently, they had their first ever win for ‘Now, We’ on ‘The Show’ in May.

Check out the live concert version of ‘1cm’ here and let us know what you think about it~~~


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