It’s official! Lovelyz is going to hold their second solo concert soon.

According to Woolim Entertainment, they will be holding their second solo concert “2017 Lovelyz Concert (Alwayz)” this upcoming July. They held their first ever solo concert “Lovelyz In Winterland” during January of this year. The short time in between these concerts marks a first in the history of girl groups. Lovelyz now hold the record of shortest time in between solo concerts as they are just six months apart.

Compared to their first solo concert, this second solo concert will contain upgraded versions of performances. During their first solo concert, participants of their concert were mostly male and were able to sell out for three straight days.

According to Woolim,

“We still have a lot to show to the fans. the concert will consist of a wide range and spectrum of music. We will be working hard and performing well so please look forward to their concert and continue to support us.”

Their second solo concert tickets will go on sale through the Interpark website for fanclub members on the 21st at 8 pm. For all others, the tickets will go on sale on the 23rd at 8 pm.

Their concert will be held at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park from July 29th to July 30th.


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