Calling all CARATs! Have a tissue box ready because the eye-catching SEVENTEEN’s Don’t Wanna Cry Peformance Version is here!

SEVENTEEN’s official Youtube channel released the video on May 29th as a special gift to their loyal fans. In the video, all thirteen members of SEVENTEEN dance in perfect synchronization both on a Los Angeles rooftop and in the middle of a desert. As with a normal stage performance, there’s a closeup on each member based on the line being sung. Be careful though, their heavy gazes might bring you to tears. 

SEVENTEEN unleashed the glory that is their fourth mini-album, A|1, and the music video for Don’t Wanna Cry on May 22nd. Although it’s only been out for a week, the music video for Don’t Wanna Cry has already reached over seven million views. Their popularity is nothing to mess with!

Are you ready to cover Don’t Wanna Cry’s dance, or are you satisfied with enjoying the amazing visuals and fluid choreo of the SEVENTEEN members? Check out the video above and let us Seoulsurfers know!   


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