Feeling a little thirsty? Have no fear, ASTRO has a row of colorful drinks to serve in their new Baby music video!

Released on May 28th, the music video for Baby embodies ASTRO’s young and playful nature through its upbeat melody and smooth dance moves. In the beginning of the music video, you stumble upon the princely member Eunwoo who then encourages you to enter the ‘D.Store’. Once inside, you meet the other adorable members of ASTRO altogether. However, with one sip of ASTRO’s drink, you get to hang out with each member individually in different colored rooms. Do you prefer Moonbin cooking in his red kitchen, Sanha playing his yellow guitar, or Eunwoo coming down his blue slide? How about JinJin shooting hoops with his green basketball, Rocky killing it on his dark blue dance floor, or MJ hopping on his orange trampoline? No need to choose, it’s all of the above in this fun video!

Baby is the title track for ASTRO’s fourth mini album, Dream Part.01. Will this mean that there are more parts to look forward to? Follow and support ASTRO to find out!

What did you think of the music video and song? The Seoulwave community would love to know!



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