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Exfoliation can be pretty intimidating if you’ve never tried it before, but once you do it, the wonders of it will never cease to amaze you! You can exfoliate almost any part of your body, literally from your head to your toes (don’t forget the lips!)

The main purpose of this technique is to remove dead skin cells and allow the regeneration of new ones. Depending on your skin type, a very specific type of exfoliation can become your best friend, but another type might turn out to be your worst enemy. Here are the top three types of exfoliation and the methods they can branch off to – see if there’s one that’s right for you!  

  1. Physical Exfoliation

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There’s nothing like a good scrub to battle dirt and grime. Physical exfoliation is all about being hands-on – normally with a grainy face scrub. You’d pour or squeeze a dime-size amount of a beauty scrub product onto your hands, spread that product all over your face (avoiding your mouth and lips, of course), and rub the product in circular motions. What this does is pull away dirt, dead skin, oils, and whatever else the specific product is meant for so that when you rinse your face, you’re looking smooth and squeaky clean. Half the work is in your hands, so be careful not to irritate your skin by rubbing too hard or too fast! The general recommendation for using physical exfoliants is 1-3 times a week.    

2. Mechanical Exfoliation

For the video demonstration, start at 3:30 mark. If you’ve been in the beauty sphere for a while, you probably recognize the device that famous makeup artist PONY uses in the video above. Mechanical exfoliation basically lets the machine get the work done. Although the Clarisonic Facial Cleansing Brush is the most well-known cleansing device on the market, one thing it’ll certainly clean well is your wallet – so it’s better to look for cheap, but good alternatives if you’re on a budget. One alternative I personally use is the ProX by Olay Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush, and I normally use this product once a week. Word of advice: if you’re prone to dryness or your skin is sensitive, don’t use this device every day. It may give you a really nice and thorough clean, but frequent use can be harsh on the skin, and it could take away too much of the natural oils you produce to keep your skin healthy. Everyone’s skin is different, so it’s really up to you how often you should use various products – proceed with caution, but don’t be afraid of a little experimentation.    

3. Chemical Exfoliation

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Not gonna lie, chemical exfoliation freaked me out before I actually tried it. When I first heard of peeling gels, I immediately dismissed it, thinking it’d be too intense for my relatively sensitive skin. However, once I actually tried it, I was in love! Peeling gels are the first go-to when it comes to chemical exfoliators. It peels the outermost layer of your face, taking away dead skin cells, dirt, excess oil, and all that grossness. Similar to physical exfoliators, you’ll apply a small amount onto your hands before gently rubbing it on your face. However, you would need to apply the product onto a dry face rather than a wet one. If you use a fast-acting product, you’ll immediately see small balls of dead skin as you begin rubbing – it’s mind blowing (and strangely satisfying). My first and only peeling gel at the moment is the Nature Republic’s Green Derma Mild Peeling Gel. Since it has a low acidity meant for those with sensitive skin, it works perfectly and quickly with my skin type – I start seeing those balls of dead skin within a minute of rubbing! It’s a staple in my Friday night skincare routine. Of course, I’m still a rookie in this field, so if there are any recommendations any of you have, please share!

Let us know, what’s your most preferred type of exfoliation? Got some tips to share? We’d love to hear them!  

Until next time, beauties, this is Huma signing off! ♥


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