Korean trends don’t end with eye-popping idol fashion and skincare that’ll leave you looking perfectly dewy and polished. Desserts and snacks are being invigorated with innovative designs, ingredients, and presentations that draw in the masses. These days, if you’re not doing something new or falling into a specific niche with the food you serve, you’re done for. While Starbucks rolled out their Unicorn Frappuccino to stay relevant for a week, the food chains that have been blossoming in Korea are not only serving up their fantasy-like concoctions all year long, but they’re also expanding abroad.

One of those inventive, bold, and Instagram-worthy Korean chains is Milkcow, which specializes in ice-cream. They’re also the fastest-growing ice cream chain in Asia, and now they’ve made their way into the US, with new locations still opening to this day.

Here’s the recipe to their success:

1 heaping spoonful of Organic Ingredients and No Preservatives

2½ sprinkles of Artisan mastery

3 pinches of Community-Driven customer service

4¾ light dustings of Genuine love for their product

5 peels of clever Social Media strategy

Mix those all together, and you’ve got a booming international business. But wait, seems like we forgot one very important ingredient that sets them apart from the rest: their unique and quirky menu!


Soft serve with organic milk and cotton candy clouds (or as they call it, Fairy Floss) on top. And if you’re not sold yet, how about an espresso shot on top of that, or maybe mint is more to your liking, or a French macaron, maybe some double glazed caramel popcorn? You name it, you got it!


There’s even more where that came from, but I should move on and let you know that they also have milkshakes, slushies, organic teas, and organic coffee if you’re just feeling like a drink will do the trick.


Milkcow is endorsed by popular Korean celebrities like Lee Jong Suk, the model and actor that many (including myself, let’s be real here) are head over heels for. These types of endorsements are normal in Korea and the cardboard cutouts, posters, and signs that those idols are featured in tend to stay in the American versions of product promotions, especially with Korean skincare brands. But while Lee Jong Suk stays as the face for Milkcow in Korea, the brand has been very capable of holding their own overseas without a celebrity face to adorn the chain’s product marketing.


In the end, quality trumps all. That’s why the brand has chains in Australia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Singapore, China, Indonesia, Philippines, and soon, a 3rd grand opening in California. By the looks of it, even more are being planned on the franchise forum of their main site so Vietnam and Virginia might be the next new locations to look forward to!

Be sure to catch the foodie waves again next Tuesday, Seoulsurfers!


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