South Korea’s Jindo Island is home to the most loyal dog breed in the world. Korean Jindo dogs are active, loyal, and unbelievably regal. Most of all, they carry hearts full of love and would never leave their owner’s side.  For centuries, these dogs lived with the people of Jindo Island, where each household owned at least one of the breed.


In recent times, they were introduced to America, where the Los Angeles Police Department adopted four Jindo dogs to train for gun detection. But their main strength became their main fault- their loyalty to their first trainers was too strong and made it incredibly difficult to continue training with any other police officer, let alone have them on duty with any other. That’s why you don’t really see South Korean police departments using Jindo dogs as service dogs; instead, German Shepherds are used.

The loyalty of one Jindo dog, named Baekgu, is unmatched. She even has her own statue on the Island to greet any new visitors.


I’m not usually a softy, but this story melts my heart every time and really gets my tears flowing. Baekgu was a young 7-year-old Jindo dog who was lovingly raised by an 83-year-old woman. One day, Baekgu was sold to a new owner who lived in Daejeon city. Baekgu’s new home was 300km (180 miles) away from her original home in Jindo. Missing her owner, the dog escaped and ran all the way back to her owner via a route she managed to memorize while being transported.


Seven long and grueling months later, she was reunited with her original owner, who kept her until her death seven years later in 2000. Baekgu’s story was celebrated with a children’s storybook, cartoons (one of which is named White Heart Baekgu and can still be found on Youtube), a TV documentary, and even a PC game. A word of advice before venturing out to watch any of those: get your tissues ready.


Ready for another tear jerker? Another Jindo dog, also named Baekgu, was shocked by the loss of his owner, who died of liver disease. For three days, Baekgu stayed by the side of his owner until he was found by others. The dog then followed his owner to his funeral and returned home, where he continued to mourn and didn’t eat for four days. He was taken under the care of the Korean Jindo Dog Research Institute, but according to Chosun Ilbo, it was announced that as of 2005, Baekgu would not interact with anyone except for his feeder.

These dogs are now protectors of the island, and rightfully so.

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