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For today’s article review, I’ll be trying out a product that captivated me the moment I heard its concept. So, what exactly makes the Blithe Patting Splash Mask so unique? The results you get from a twenty-minute sheet mask session are delivered within seconds! I know what you’re thinking… “Huh?”

According to the package, there are two ways to use this mask. Method one is in the shower, where you pour a capful of the product onto your palms and – quite literally – splash and pat it onto your cleansed face for fifteen seconds. You would continue to do so until you’re done with that capful, diluting the product with water along the way since it’s highly concentrated. Method two is to fill up your sink or a bowl with water, twenty-three ounces to be specific, and pour a capful of the product into the bowl or sink. Using your fingers, you’d mix everything together before splashing and patting the mixture onto your cleansed face for thirty seconds. Afterward, gently pat your face dry with a towel.   

For sake of time, I chose method one (sorry not sorry for no pics of the process!) and took it to the tub. The specific splash mask I used was the Soothing & Healing Green Tea option which uses green tea extract and tea tree leaf oil to refine pores and manage oily skin. My skin type is combination, and I normally have a nose slicked with oil – so much so that my glasses think it’s a slide. As for pore trouble, I am prone to acne on my forehead and cheeks, so I’m hoping the tea tree in this product will help with that.

Before: Luckily, these days my face isn’t too crazy in any of the trouble departments. My nose is still fairly oily compared to the rest of my face, I have dark spots on my cheeks that refuse to disappear, and my forehead’s been pretty bumpy with baby pimples that don’t really grow to be an issue. In terms of prominent acne, I have one zit over my left eyebrow, but that’s pretty much it. However, I am on the duller side when it comes to skin tone, and the ‘before’ picture I took was right after a workout – so I was definitely in need of a pick me up.  

During and After: As I would normally do with a regular face mask session, I cleaned my face before using the mask product. The specific cleanser I used was the Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam.


When it came time to use the product, I followed the instructions directly and poured the liquid into the cap of the bottle. I couldn’t really ‘splash’ anything onto my face, but I did pour the product from the cap onto my hands and patted whatever I was able to onto my face. While diluting the product, I was able to go through five patting sessions in order to successfully empty the cap.   

Once I was done and out of the shower, I didn’t notice any huge, life-changing differences on my face (which is normal for first-time use of products). However, the zit I had over my eyebrow was able to flatten out with a single swipe of a cotton pad, so all the nastiness of it was avoided. The pores on my nose appeared smaller and tighter. My overall skin tone was brighter, and I was squeaky clean.

The verdict? In terms of convenience, this product did require a bit of work with the continuous ‘dilute, pour, pat, dilute, pour, pat’. If you’re someone who likes things done in one shot, then you might find the repetition tiresome. However, if you don’t mind doing so and want to extend the pampering of your shower time, then it’s an amazing product to get you that extra boost of care. In terms of performing the task it was meant to do, after one use, any visible acne appearances ebbed away. Of course, no miracle was performed, but surely after continual use, results will happen (based on the effectiveness of the first use). Since it’s a highly concentrated product, using it once a week should be enough and not overwhelming to the skin. I’ll definitely save this product for a bad skin day.   

If you’ve tried this product, what do you think of it? Or does this first impression make you want to try it? We’d love to hear what you think!

Until next time, beauties, this is Huma signing off! ♥


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