SM Entertainment‘s girl group Red Velvet has announced their official fanclub name.

On their official Instagram, they released a video which finally announced the long awaited name reveal. Gone are the days of calling yourself a Red Velvet fan, you are now officially a “REVELUV“!

The caption on the post reads as follows, “Hello Everyone, were you surprised?? we finally have

“Hello Everyone, were you surprised?? we finally have a fanclub name that you have been waiting for. We chose the fanclub name really carefully after going through fans’ suggestions. Our fanclub name has a meaning of love and support of each other so let’s love and support each other till the end. #ReVeluv, #weloveyou #Redvelvet #wefinallygotaname.”

They debuted with “Happiness” during the year of 2014 and released hit title tracks such as One of These Days, Ice Cream Cake, Rookie, Russian Roulette and more.

Congratulations to Red Velvet and ReVeLuv~~~~




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