We promise this isn’t just a Rumor, K.A.R.D is back with another jamming hit!

The music video for Rumor was released on April 23rd through K.A.R.D’s official Youtube Channel. As the new global ambassadors of LG, the group teamed up with LG G6 to present the music video in a unique format that caters to smartphone viewing. In other words, if you’re watching on your phone, press full screen and let K.A.R.D take over! Don’t forget to dance along to the ‘key point’ of choreo – the hand and body wave – while you’re at it.

Initially famous for being a co-ed group, K.A.R.D is currently involved in project songs before they officially debut. Their last two project songs, Oh Nana and Don’t Recall, received international love for their distinct choreography and harmonious blend of all the members’ voices.

In addition to the striking visuals and heart-melting gazes given by the members in the music video, K.A.R.D shows a more playful and laid back side in the ‘m/v making’ of Rumor. The members take you behind the scenes of the Rumor set as they jokingly tease each other, but also maintain their professionalism for pictures and individual filming. They’re definitely the physical representation of ‘work hard, play hard’ – see it for yourself below!

What do you think of Rumor and K.A.R.D? Are you excited for them to officially debut and promote amongst all our other fav K-Pop idols? Let us know!       


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