Double trouble with her comeback, famous soloist IU released two music videos for her songs Palette and Ending Scene!

The artsy and simplistic music video for Palette was released on April 21st. If IU’s voice is as sweet as whip cream for this song, then consider the legendary G-DRAGON’s rap to be the cherry on top. Her lyrics are especially a treat since she wrote them herself! Thanks to Youtube channel 1theK and their captions, international fans can indulge in the song’s full essence through subtitles.

As for Ending Scene, the music video was uploaded two days after Palette on April 23rd. If you K-Drama fans need a confirmation, yes, that is popular actor Kim Soo Hyun starring in the music video! Having been in dramas like Producers and Dream High together, it’s heartwarming to see both IU and Kim Soo Hyun maintaining their friendship both onscreen and off.

As expected from the vocal fairy, IU has been receiving nothing but praise and success for her new album (also called) Palette. Aside from Love Like This, each song on the album was sprinkled lyrically by IU – showcasing her talent as a songwriter. What can this woman not do?

We’d love to hear what you think of her new album. Check out the music video for Palette above and Ending Scene below!


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