Woohoo! The Seoulwave website is back in action, and so are your weekly doses of K-Beauty with Huma! Let’s start our comeback off right with… Well, the title and cover speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Let’s get this ball of wonder rolling.  

You never really grow up from your childhood, you just pour your obsessions into different interests. But what happens when the silly cartoons and the majestic princesses of your past pop onto your favorite beauty products?

Better lock your wallet in a safe! Our favorite K-beauty brands teamed up with extremely nostalgic cartoon characters to torture us in the way we love them to – through adorably packaged and extremely beneficial beauty products. Feast your eyes on the list below!

A dream is more than a wish your heart makes with The Face Shop and Disney.

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Trust me, there’s no evil stepmother to hold you back. From Winnie the Pooh and the brand face Mickey Mouse, to the lovely princesses of your childhood movie marathons – this collection should truly be part of your world! Although it’s no longer available on the official The Face Shop website, you can still find these products on other beauty sites and amazon.com. Just make sure to be cautious and read reviews, or you might end up with a broken glass slipper!

Etude House and Angry Birds will send you flying!

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Put any frown upside down with this frustratingly adorable collection! From the looks of it, the products this collaboration offers are focused on the eyes. So whether you want to deliver a flawless glare, or send hearts with a loving stare, Etude House and the Angry Birds got you covered!  

Sugar, spice, with tints that are nice! These are the ingredients to make the perfect Peripera and Powerpuff Girls collab!

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I wonder who the Professor is that came up with this one! Peripera is pretty popular for their lip tints, and although their signature character style is an aesthetic piece to any makeup collection, they really bring it to the next level with the three superhero sisters! There’s no greater villain like dark circles and dull lips to wreck havoc on anyone’s day. Let the day be saved with these kickbutt makeup products!

Gotta catch ‘em all with TonyMoly  and Pokemon!  

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With so many options, it’s up to you to pika-choooooose. Seriously though, I need some Squirtle moisture to relieve my dry hands. Fight impurities with their cleansers, or power up with their sheet masks – don’t hold your ball back!

Missha and the Minions are something to go bananas over!

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This is certainly a collection to be a minion for! Why beat baddies when you can join them? There are a variety of products to choose from in this collection, including lip and eye makeup. So slip on your overalls and pat on your Minion cushion, it’s time to take over the world!

What’s a bear-y cute combo? A’Pieu and Rilakkuma!

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The lovable brown bear comes in all shapes and sizes thanks to A’Pieu! The products of this collection aren’t limited to makeup and skincare; they sell super cute and comfy slippers as well. You can choose to get an entire mini makeup box, or spice up your current makeup collection with a teeny Rilakkuma cushion puff. Can I get a rilakku-whaaat?  

The Face Shop and Kakao? Now you’re talking!

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With the variety of types of purposes these products have to offer, you’re really set for any occasion! If you need a quick spritz of smelly-goodness, spray on Neo’s perfume. Dry hands? Tube’s hand cream to the rescue! Out for some fun in the sun? Don’t forget to put on Muzi’s sunscreen! Not to mention their sheet masks, which can either be really cute or really scary (but an awesome addition to a sleepover).

Nothing like some Skinfood and Snoopy!

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No need to snoop around, Skinfood released this limited-edition Snoopy collection – one that offers face and body products! The main focus is moisture for the majority of the products, but there are also cute nail polishes and stickers to glam up your fingers.  

Fall down the rabbit hole and into the Beyond and Alice In Wonderland’s timely collection!

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This is one tea party I definitely want to go to! Be the Queen of Hearts for any occasion with the multiple makeup products this collection provides. Or wind your clock down with an at-home manicure featuring their sparkly polishes and adorbs nail decal. Are these items giving you a Cheshire grin?

Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey with Holika Holika and Gudetama!


Image: (Image Source)

Embrace your inner lazy yolk with cushion compacts to match! Take a crack at this collection with their fun sheet masks, their egg-shaped peeling gel, and popping lip colors. Bet you’ll wanna rise and shine to this!

Look no more! Be a fish out of water with Etude House and Finding Dory.

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How could I possibly forget this collection from the list? Have your face swimming in moisture with the hydrating jelly creams this collaboration has to offer. Dry skin is definitely not something to clown around with!

Dial up your buddies with Missha and Line Friends!

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You honestly Cony-not stay away. Lip colors, hand creams, and cushion compacts are pretty much all you need to keep your day in line.  

Innisfree and Paul Frank aren’t monkeying around!

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In celebration of the year of the monkey last year, Innisfree teamed up with Paul Frank to release this hand-and-nails focused collection! Not only that, fun gifts like totes and makeup bags with Paul Frank’s face were given along with regular Innisfree products. It’s something certainly worthy of going bananas for!

Don’t feel blue when A’Pieu and Doraemon are around!

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A puuurr-fect way to start your day is to glide some of the fun eyeshadow colors on your lids with this collection! The lip colors also demand attention, so there’s no way to be bored with the items here.

Even though some collaborations are limited edition and may not be around on the official brand website or store, there are ways to buy the authentic products with a little research. Who knows, the collabs may come back better than before if there’s such a high demand! May our wallets survive any sale of cute-packaged products.

So what you do think of the list? Have a few more to name? Did you try any of the products and showed it off to your friends? Let us know!

Until next time, beauties, this is Huma signing off! ♥

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