One of the beauties of K-pop is the wide variety of musical tastes that can be catered to. From bubblegum pop to emotional ballads, there’s really no limit to what genre an artist can adopt. As someone who says, “From A to Z, give it all to me!” it’s both extremely satisfying but kind of weird to listen to my updated playlist and change from a cheery, fun, and giddy springtime jam to a heart-wrenching explosion of melodious angst.

Of course, this week is no different. Sweet-faced girl group DIA and charming boy group SF9 made their comebacks with Will You Go Out With Me? and Easy Love respectively. Although both are amazing songs to listen to, their difference in terms of sound, lyrics, and feeling are way too obvious to ignore. They would normally have nothing to do with each other when watched or listened to individually, but it’s a different story when putting them side by side. It’s a mindblowing timeline of a relationship sped up to eight minutes with killer visuals and on-point outfits to match. 

Whether you’re loveless, lovingly in love, or lovelorn – these two music videos express a stage of romance that’s either as sweet as candy or as sour as lime.

There’s nothing that screams ‘spring’ louder than pastels and skateboards. In DIA’s Will You Go Out With Me? the harmonious vocals of the girls carry us listeners on the ups and downs of having a crush. It’s a time of confusion, anger, helplessness, but also of heart-racing excitement. Of course, that roller coaster of emotions is eased with your squad having your back. In the music video, the girls go on a trip to Tokyo while member Chaeyeon texts the boy she likes. Despite being surrounded by friends and having the time of her life, she still wishes he was by her side, but there isn’t a way for her to tell him that. It’s a fun, silly, cute, and heartwarming video to bring on the new season ahead of us (and you should totally check out the dance! It’s a shame it’s not featured in the video, but trust me, you’ll get addicted).

Now doing a complete one-eighty, SF9 conjures all the fangirl chest pains in their music video for Easy Love. For this song, we fast-forward to the end of a relationship where miscommunication, a desperation to save something that no longer exists, and a hole of pain and anger burning in the middle of your chest consumes you. Of course, what better way to express all this than in dance? SF9 has showcased impressive choreography since their debut, and this comeback does not disappoint. By remaining in interior sets, the set of the music video holds no ties to the season, so it’s definitely built to be a bop all year long. It’s dark, it’s intense, it breaks your heart, but also enchants you to sing and dance along.

Can you image the personas embodied by DIA and SF9 in their music videos meeting each other? The ladies with their confused but optimistic hearts and the men with their angered and hopeless mess of emotions? That’s a showdown I’d love to see. Maybe the SF9 guys need a reminder of why they fell in love in the first place, or the girls need a warning of what’s to come in a relationship. Either way, they surely stand on opposite sides of the spectrum.   

Though it’s no lie that the two groups worked hard for this comeback, and their fans are more than happy to see them promote, but do you happen to have a preference when it comes to the two? You already know that I’m loving both and support the two artists all the way, but we’d love to hear what you think! Take a listen to the two and let us know!     


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