When it comes to footwork, TEEN TOP takes the throne. If you need to see it for yourself, check out their newly released dance version of the song, Love Is!

The TEEN TOP official Youtube channel released the music video’s dance version on April 19th. In the video, shaky camera angles and slow-paced closeups accompany the intense choreography and heart racing rhythm of the song. The five members perfectly match the fast-paced beat with their quick footwork, but they also display the emotional helplessness of the lyrics when they get down on their knees. The passion and excitement you feel from the video is enough to get you up on your feet as well!  

TEEN TOP came back with their second full-length album, High Five, on April 10th and have been promoting the title song, Love Is, since.

Are you ready to learn the dance to Love Is, or are you just satisfied watching TEEN TOP do their thing? Let us know!

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