Pink Pandas rejoice! The lovely ladies of Apink released a special music video for their digital single, Always.

As a commemoration of their sixth anniversary, the official Apink Youtube channel published the music video for Always on April 18th. Never a disappointment when it comes to charms, the six members of Apink sing along to the song and act silly in the video as a ‘thank you’ to their loyal fans. If their adorable personalities and soothing vocals aren’t catching your attention, then it’s definitely the pop of pastels and pixelized images that do.

Known for their cute and girlish concepts, Apink debuted on April 19, 2011, with the bashful song, I Don’t Know. They’ve been stealing hearts and headlines since then with famous hits like NoNoNo, My My, and Remember. Currently, member Jeong Eun Ji is promoting her second solo mini album with the title song The Spring.

Once a Pink Panda, always a Pink Panda. What do you think of Apink’s special single?


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