Gong Minzy continues to flourish in every way possible, not only with her career, but also with her own personal style. She took to Instagram to post two recent photo shoots from BNT International Magazine and Nylon Magazine‘s May editionYears of experience in photo shoots have made Minzy not just a musical role model, but a supermodel as well.

Showing her relentless support, Park Bom liked the posts to cheer on her best friend and former fellow girl group member.

Taking on a more feminine persona, Gong Minzy shows off her small frame and Spring-inspired makeup, which perfectly compliments her light pink sweater and light floral throw for BNT International Magazine.

BNT New Photoshoot ⭐

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The second look is reminiscent of her bad girl persona. With a look that could kill, and poses that would intimidate anyone, Minzy reminds her fans that though she wants to take on a new stage persona, she’s not one to be messed with.

BNT New Photoshoot🔥

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Elegant as ever, Minzy’s white crop top and beautiful printed skirt portray her beauty perfectly. Can you pull off denim-on-denim? Probably not, but Minzy sure can.

BNT New Photoshoot ❤🔥

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This is where the supermodel comes in. Her photo shoots for Nylon are on par with runway strutters and top-fashion moguls. A fashion icon in the making, she shows off her prowess in these dramatically-lit photos. These honestly belong in a solo photo book!

NYLON Magazine🔥 #new #photoshoot @nylonkorea #may #5월호

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NYLON Magazine 🔥 @nylonkorea #may #5월호

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NYLON @nylonkorea 🔥#may 5월호

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