ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) is back with its 61st installment for its podcast with some news you definitely don’t want to miss!

Soundcloud Version!https://soundcloud.com/seoulwave/icymi-61-south-korean-model-lee-hee-eun-goes-off-on-netizens-minzy-solo-debut-update

For this ICYMI, Kayla and Michael discuss South Korean model Lee Hee Eun post in regards to netizens criticizing her for exposing herself as well as working with ‘controversial‘ photographer Rotta, which some of you may remember from the controversy surrounding ‘Lolita‘ like concept photos. The same concept photos in which Sulli and Hara were harshly criticized for.

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The Lolita concept isn’t new to the K-pop world, however, Lee Hee Eun has had enough and she goes off on her Instagram in response to the hate she was receiving. Also, INFINITE’s Sunggyu has an injury that could severely shake things up for INFINITE and Woollim as a whole. All of that and more including post thoughts from yesterday’s Real Talk video. Check out the latest ICYMI!



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