Eunji, a member of Plan A Entertainment‘s popular girl group A-Pink, will be having another solo comeback.

It will be her 2nd mini album, titled “Space”, and will be released on April 10th!

Plan A Entertainment also released a few teaser photos for her comeback. With a light, natural aesthetic, Eunji shows off her effortless beauty and stunning smile.

The tracklist for the album has also been revealed, with the following songs:

  1. You Are My Spring
  2. The First Feeling of Farewell
  3. A Girl’s Boy
  4. Seoul’s Moonlight

Eunji debuted with her first solo album “Dream” as well as her first solo title track, “Hopefully Sky”, in April of last year. She has appeared on dramas such as the Reply series and Cheer Up!, as well as in films such as Saving Santa. Eunji has also been on countless variety shows and two musical plays.

Are you excited for her solo comeback?



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