K-Netizens, particularly those that are fans of Pentagon (a.k.a Universe) are sad this time of year as Pentagon continues their overseas promotions. While their Korean fans miss them deeply, other parts of the world are finally getting their slice of the cake.

The group will don the cover of Sparkling Magazine, a Philippines-based Kpop magazine. The issue, which is set to be available nationwide next week, will also come with an alternative cover featuring EXO. Inside, Universe can find an entire feature piece on Pentagon.

The group also had their first showcase in Bangkok, Thailand. Here’s a Universe’s perspective on the group after attending.

As if that wasn’t enough to celebrate, Pentagon placed 1st in ratings on Japan’s monthly Tower Record Chart for their first Japanese mini album, “Gorilla”.

While all of this is happening, two of the members, Hui and E’dawn are also preparing for a unit project, “Triple H” with labelmate Hyuna.


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