Greets and Salutations Seoulsurfers!

It has certainly been a long time since Seoulwave’s primary website was up and running. For those of you who have been wondering…what the hell happened to all of the previous content?!?! Well, we were hacked not once but twice since the beginning of the year. We worked vigorously with our hosting website to try to fix things however the hack had infected numerous flies including all of our backups. This obviously put us all in a precarious predicament.

For those of you that are learning about Seoulwave or may not know, we started back on October 7th, 2015 and have since published over 3000 articles on this website in that time frame. We even developed a library of information pertaining towards helping new K-pop fans learn about new groups. That library contained over hundreds of groups that were manually inputted by the founder, Michael Smith-Grant. Hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work and dedication spent building the website went up in smokes. Not to mention the entire subscriber and email user base had to be deleted.

Yep. Every file, every article. All of it, gone. POOF!

The backup files had been infected and it’s a shame however this is only another setback. While it is a major setback, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We have worked to make sure we are well prepared for hackers in the case of another attack. Hackers just waste time so while we cannot get back the nearly 2 years of content lost, we will work harder towards becoming a dynamic force within the media filled for content based around the South Korean entertainment industry.

Consider this our comeback after making our debut in 2015. For our next projects, we will continue to usher in news content with a mix of original content. There will be a lot of original content coming from our YouTube channel in the year of 2017 so definitely stay tuned! We will be opening a collaboration section for those of you that want to send in OP-ED articles to be posted on our website and even featured in future YouTube videos.

Welcome back Seoulsurfers, it’s time to ride the Hallyu Wave once again.

Founder and Owner,

Michael Smith-Grant


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